Career School Now


Career School Now is an all-in-one resource to help individuals find career training programs, degrees, and certifications to launch their career.


By leveraging user research and testing principles from user experience best practices, the platform recently underwent a complete UI refresh. Existing pages were revamped to provide a more seamless user experience. As the lead designer, I overhauled the user flow around how users search and apply for schools, ensuring the platform is user-friendly and efficient. Now, individuals can easily find and enroll in the programs they need to start their dream career.



Career School Now's directory of schools has been transformed from a counterintuitive list to a searchable index of institutions. Users can easily browse and apply to programs, making finding the right school for a new career more enjoyable.


User Testing

Critical issues in a particular user flow were discovered during the user testing process. By implementing the best practices in user experience, the flow was swiftly iterated and improved, resulting in a seamless experience.


Made to delight.

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