CDL Job Now

UI/UX, Brand Identity

CDL Job Now connects commercial drivers with trucking companies across the US, offering a user-friendly platform to search and apply for job opportunities.



As the lead designer, I've helped transform CDL Job Now into a cutting-edge B2B solution that connects trucking companies with skilled commercial drivers. My design updates have improved the user experience, including an updated user interface and enhanced search functionality. The easy apply options and multiple lead flows I have implemented allow companies to efficiently find and hire the right candidates. CDL Job Now provides a streamlined and efficient hiring process, helping both trucking companies and commercial drivers find the perfect match.


Enhanced Search

CDL Job Now's enhanced search feature allows drivers to find their ideal job by filtering options such as driver and route types. The search is location-based and displays results within a 100-mile radius.


Web App

The modernized web app connects commercial drivers with job opportunities that match their skills and preferences, providing an improved user experience.


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